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Gogo Monday LLC is a US based recruitment agency company.

What we do

Gogo Monday LLC is a US based recruitment agency company specialized in filling skilled and unskilled positions that our clients have struggled to fill or unable to fill.

With partnership with our immigration lawyers, we are able to recruit EB3 foreign workers to fill your hard to fill positions. This strategy helps many company solve their cost of vacancy problems by hiring workers that will be contracted and committed to work for the company for a pre agreed term which could be 2-3 yrs.


EB3 is the Employment-Based Immigration where Skilled Workers,Professionals and Other Unskilled Workers are allowed to receive green card in consideration of a long-term work commitment to the sponsoring employer.

some of the jobs that qualify for EB3 are:

Manufacturing /production where candidates can learn on the job and don't necessarily need prior experience.

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